Watching the preview of ESPN’s upcoming film, Four Days in October did precisely what I assume they wanted it to: teleported me back to those cold, long-ass nights of hanging on every pitch, draining every last can of beer, and explaining to the boss that I just can’t focus on the McDwyer report because I’m TOO GODDAM BUSY TRYING TO WILL MY MOTHERF#$KING TEAM TO THE WORLD SERIES.

It was an astonishing, indescribably awesome time of my life, and it looks like ESPN’s done nailed it. And judging from the preview, it seems to be further proof that Kevin Millar was the heart and soul of that team, keeping everyone’s head screwed on right when we wanted to lose our shit.

I can’t wait.

Oh, and to the hot chicks saying “it’s over” at 0:17? Call me some time.