Mike Lowell, already a huge fan favorite, raised his level of badassery a few notches when it was revealed he is playing with a broken rib.

“The rehab I have to do is the same whether it’s a fracture or not,” Lowell said. “It bothers me to sleep and it bothers me if I get fooled swinging, so don’t get fooled. Just to get some closure I went [Friday] and had a CT scan and MRI.”

He said he was told it was a non-displaced fracture. “As long as I can deal with it, I’m medically cleared to play,” he said. “That’s fine with me.”  After the game on Aug. 20 Lowell told the training staff McDonald’s shoulder caught him just right on the collision at first base.

 “I think ‘fracture’ makes it sound worse than it is,” he said. “I guess it is. I don’t know, I’m not a doctor but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.

“As long as I’m good with it, I can play. Compared to my hip last year, it’s a much less inconvenience. Obviously, I feel it sometimes, but I don’t think it changes my routine.

 Meanwhile, the Sox dropped both ends of the double-header by the same score of 3-1. This puts them a miserable ten games behind the Yankees and closer to fourth place than they are to second. Go Pats…