George Lucas understands.

Two games today, and if we can beat up on Seattle twice — something any self-respecting team looking for a spot in the playoffs should be able to do — then I’m a happy man. If we want October glory, we need Beckett and Lester to be reminded of what it means to be Beckett and Lester, and then act accordingly. That doesn’t mean serving ’em up like it’s your first day manning the fry-o-later. It does mean getting all Conquest of the Planet of the Apes on the opposition.

Look, I hate to sound presumptuous, but if we can’t sweep the goddam Mariners, our guys might as well start looking into internship opportunities with Cirque du Soleil for October. This is war, people. We’re fighting for position every day and we can’t let the void between us and the top o’ the East get any wider.

And just to set the mood, here’s my guilty pleasure of the day: The Outfield singing “My Paradise.” Tell me it doesn’t sound as good today as it did back then!