Pallbearers from the Steinbrenner funeral

Losing four straight to the Yankees ain’t gonna end our season, just like winning four straight doesn’t punch our ticket to the playoffs. But having experienced both sides of the coin, I’d much rather win. I like our chances in game one, with Buchholz against Vasquez, who I prefer to remember for his first pitch out of the bullpen in game seven of the 2004 ALCS. I’ve sent the guy a fruit basket every month since then, so if he wants to keep serving it up to our guys — and keep those fruit baskets comin’ — I’m not gonna argue.

There’s a chance we could leave the Bronx just two games behind the Yankees. Not bloody likely, but still a chance. So I’ll cling to that. And the fact that anything can happen.

Your series predictions, game thread noise and anti-Yankee sentiments go in the comments. We’ll be there.