Mikey Lowell gets the start tonight at first, as Youk hits the DL with a thumb injury.

And if there’s any justice in the world, Gentleman Mike Lowell–MVP of the 2007 World Series and once considered nothing more than the sidecar to the Josh Beckett trade–will get a rousing standing O, 37 hits and 6 home runs. He’ll also deliver the game-winning hit, be swept off his feet by his teammates, and carried across to the street to the Cask, where he’ll have a steak, several beers and a couple “professional women” waiting to greet him. Anyone turns a good play tonight, I want Jerry and DO to say, “That was very Mike of him.” And I want Heidi Watney to punctuate every sentence tonight with, “That’s Mikey Lowell… the man I’ll be servicing six ways to Sunday later this evening.”

But most of all, I just don’t want the f#$king guy to get hurt. Because we’ve seen enough of that.

It’s Lowell, Commander Kick Ass and the Legion of Replacement Heroes. And it’s on, baby.

Oh, and please mark you calendars for the Surviving Grady Jimmy Fund fundraiser on August 19 at the Lansdowne Pub.