The resemblance... is eerie.

Every time I try to close the door on the 2010 season, something like last night’s game happens. A game which sees Jed Lowrie stroking a walk-off home run just a half-inning after dropping a foul pop that could have opened the door for another disappointing loss to the lowly Jays.

I’ve spent way too much time over the past few weeks banging my head against the chalkboard, wondering where this team might be if they’d caught a couple of breaks. But last night’s win just left me smiling.

No running to check the box scores or adjusting the post-season odds. I just basked in the glow of Lowrie–The Forgotten Man if one existed on this team–getting mobbed by his teammates and cheered up by the fans.

It was just the kind of win I needed. So I’m thankful. And I’ll save the gut-punching and cyanide-huffing for another day. Possibly sometime next week.