I'm getting a ticket for excessive coolness?

Before the game turned into a cutting-room floor scene from Warriors II, RemDawg was involved in some shenanigans of his own. The po-po showed up in the booth to “cite” Remy for a variety of offenses related to his driving in the Fenway area. Honestly, I was so hammered on generic beer and Heidi’s outfit that I wasn’t paying much attention.

The real news is tonight’s game: the return of Jacoby Ellsbury to center field and the lead-off spot in the order. It’s like Christmas in August, isn’t it? I doubt we’ll see the same heroics we saw from Mikey Lowell last night, but just notseeing some minor-leaguer or journeyman flopping around on the outfield grass will be an upgrade. And a couple of hits and stolen bases wouldn’t hurt the cause either.

Jon Lester needs to shut down the Indians like it’s the 1800’s wild west and return to form. Lester has struggled in his last two starts and hasn’t notched a “W” since July 9th. Justin Masterson goes for the Indians and was brilliant against the Sox earlier this year. Tito has loaded the line-up with the anti-Mastersons (aka lefties) which means Mike Lowell will be riding the pine, or aluminum, or whatever they have in the dugout.

Will there be any flare-ups carrying over from last night’s antics? We can only hope.