Projecting violence telekinetically. That's our Commander!

We hardly think of ourselves as trendsetters here at Surviving Grady, even though Denton was first on the “Sweats Bi Ebe” craze back in the 80s.

But we do dig the fact that after we coined “Commander Kick Ass of the F#$k Yeah Brigade” to describe the madness in human form that is Josh Beckett, the nickname took off. To the point that a great many Sox blogs and boards now regularly refer to Josh as Commander Kick Ass.

And that’s a good thing. Because we, as a Nation, must rally around our Commander in times of dire need. And the dire need I have right now is for the Sox to come off this road trip with a winning record. 6-4 sounds much better to me than 5-5, and would almost make up for splitting a series with the lowly Mariners. Almost.

But to get that winning road trip, and to complete a sweep of the Angels, we need a win today. And who better to assign this duty to than the Commander himself.

We’ll be watching. We’ll be saluting. We’ll be drinking.