The Sox have dropped 8 of their last 11 games. They were outscored 23-11 in their most recent series against the Rangers. They’ve got Kevin Cash, a career .184 hitter, standing in for Victor Martinez. They’re about to play 10 games on the road, and will be playing 20 of their next 27 games outside of Fenway Park. And Daisuke Matsuzaka, the Living Frustration Device, is on the hill tonight.

Troubling? Yes. But obsessing about this downward spiral won’t make Dustin Pedroia’s foot heal any faster. So I suggest that the Sox stay loose, keep the whiskey at the ready and Enter The Dragon on auto-loop in the clubhouse, and embrace the mantra that Bill Murray made famous in Meatballs.

See, it doesn’t matter that our MVP second baseman is down and out. Or that Beckett and Buchholz are still on ice. Or that we’re actually longing for Varitek to get healthy–something no one would have believed last year at this time. It just doesn’t matter. We’ve still got games to play.

So go play. And kick some ass.