This is all your fault

Here’s the deal: I hate losing. And I don’t like seeing my team lose. I’ve been very supportive throughout the whole injury-plagued summer. But seriously, I’m sick of this shyte. I need someone, other than a half-empty bottle of vodka and a helpless television, to direct my anger at.

Tuesday, a lot of people wanted to point fingers at the ump for imaging a balk in the 10th inning. In reality, this game was lost in the first inning courtesy of third-base coach Tim Bogar. And it wasn’t his first offense. Or his second. I hearken you back to early May:

Red Flag: Tim Bogar’s got me reliving some of my old Wendell Kim nightmares. What was going through his mind sending Scutaro? The Sox could have had bases loaded with one out and Drew at the plate. Instead, Scutaro is gunned down and almost breaks his ass with one of the worst slides I’ve ever seen. I’m watching you, Bogar.

In Tuesday’s game, Wendell Bogar sent Ortiz (yes, David Ortiz) from first on a double by Youkilis with one out. Obviously, Papi was thrown out. Adrian Beltre was on deck, probably watching with the same dumb look of disbelief that could be seen on my face.

Yesterday, however, it’s tough to figure out who to lay the blame on. Buchholz? Should he have been able to give the Sox five decent innings? I mean, he was coming off a hamstring injury, not something near-fatal like…broken ribs. Or maybe Tito wears the goat horns for pulling Clay when he did? Or maybe Atchison for not stranding the inherited runners? I don’t know.

I guess sometimes it’s just a crappy loss. If you win as a team, you can lose as a team.

Sweep in Seattle?