I like shiny things. And cash.

Well, only another 4 1/2 years of that to look forward to. That was the John Lackey I feared we would see when the deal was inked back in December. The guy that gives up too many hits, doesn’t strike out many batters, and just can’t get it done against AL East teams not named “Orioles.” I cringe every time he steps on mound. This could turn out to be Theo’s worst deal.

This evening, I spent the evening in Pawtucket watching the little Sox drop a well-played 1-0 game. Ninth inning drama when the Sox got first and third with one out, but Aaron Bates grounded into a game-ending double-play to disappoint the McCoy faithful. Great night for a game, great seats and a great venue…but something about the crowd gave it a kind of trailer park atmosphere.

Tomorrow, we rely on the magic of Dice-K to give us momentum going in to the break. Or maybe the bats will put up double-digits.