Is it any coincidence that the more we’ve seen Papelbon struggling out of the pen, the less we’ve seen of the infamous Papelbon puppet — or “The Pappet” as we call it ’round here.

That damn thing classed up the joint something fierce. And let’s face it: nothing stokes a crowd like a puppet. Hell, the K-Men even built a Pedroia puppet with “flex action” arms that has all but disappeared from view.

Where have they gone? Why are they gone? Especially now, when we need them most?

If we’re gonna make a run at those New York bastards in the second half of the season, we’re gonna need all hands on deck. Healthy bodies, warm guns and cold beers. Heidi and Amalie and Gammo on the sidelines and Remy and DO at the wheel.

But, most of all, we’re gonna need some puppets. So please, K-Men. Bring back the Pappet. Bring back the magic.