If Pete Rose can do it, so can I

There is only one answer: Terry Francona must become the player-manager of the Red Sox. The hair you see peeking out from his stylish cap in the picture above may be gone, but look closely at the “I-know-something-you-don’t-know” expression on his face. That’s still there, hidden behind gallons of Bigelow tea and a giant wad of Double Bubble.

Seriously, Tito has to navigate the waters of the next few days like he’s…some famous guy who navigated tough waters. If he can keep the Sox close in spite of the extraordinary injury plague – much like he’s done all year – then the great healing powers of the All Star break will be upon us. Guys like Beckett, Martinez, and Ellsbury (OK, just kidding on that one) will start to appear on the line-up card.

This is simply a test of faith, folks. Don’t fail.