On the plus side, more free time for drinking and chicanery.

Aw, screw the All-Star Game. Not that I was gonna watch it anyway. But without Youk on the scene, FOX misses out on the critical hillbilly demographic. And I gotta believe they’ll regret that in the long run.

Nick Swisher gets the nod instead, beating out Youk by a slender margin. Apparently, Twitter was a factor.

[Swisher] and the Yankees also used Twitter far more effectively than did the Red Sox. Swisher has 1.2 million followers on Twitter, which is what likely helped make the difference.

I sure hope those 1.2 million voters won’t miss homefield advantage in the World Series when Swishy goes down swinging in the bottom of the ninth.

Whatevs. More time for healing. And crime.