Remember me?

In case my first half numbers didn’t give you a clue: I’m back. One of my boys, Samuel Clemens, better known to you as Mark Twain, once said “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” That dude said some funny stuff, and had a badass mustache to boot. But my point is; I am not dead, my bat is not limp, and I am still Big Papi.

My boy Denton at SG was the only one stickin’ with me before the season:

I think we will see the triumphant return of the most prolific clutch hitter Boston has ever seen. There was a perfect storm of maladies that converged on Ortiz last season. Any one of them could have caused a hitting slump: all of them at once would be pretty tough for anyone to overcome.

Let my performance this season to get to the All Star Game, and my victory in the Home Run Derby be a lesson. No, a message. Do not give up on me, or my team. Yankees, Rays, I’m coming for you in the second half. You hear my footsteps, I know you do. So listen up. I’m gonna get a coupla hard, pipe-hittin’ buddies, who’ll go to work with our bats and go Marsellus Wallace on your asses. October Skies, bitches.


The 2010 Home Run Derby King And Badass DH