Sometimes I don't want to know why he's smiling...

For me, the big takeaway from last night’s botched call that robbed Armando Galarraga of a perfect game is how well Galarraga seemed to take it. He didn’t kick the ump in the pills, didn’t toss his glove into the stands, didn’t use some Jedi mind trick to hurl the entire stadium into the Negative Zone. He simply got back on his horse and got the final out.

Over on our Facebook fan page, a poster wondered how Josh Beckett might have responded if he was on the business end of such a call in a similar situation. My first thought is something involving pliers and a blowtorch and/or a quick and sudden elbow to the jaw. I like to think, however, that the Commander might keep his composure as Galaragga did and finish out the game, even if it meant a late-night call to Mike Timlin and an impromptu “banket party” at umpire Jim Joyce’s house.

Bizarre as it might sound, there’s a part of me that hopes Bud Selig might step in, reverse the call, give Galarraga his perfecto, and hook Jim Joyce up with a nice gig at The Home Depot. But I just don’t see that happening.

We’ve got a 1:35pm matinee at Fenway today, with Shakey Wakey on the hill. I recommend starting with a loud cough right about now, effectively setting the stage for leaving work early with a bad case of something.