What Captain America said.

We got the trifecta of bad vibes last night, as the Sox dropped one to the Giants, a new film with the talent-free Rob Schneider was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public, and the Elf Himself was felled by a foul ball off the ankle.

Hearing that our hottest hitter and the Official Spark Plug of the 2010 Boston Red Sox was on crutches after the game was not a good thing. And although word out of San Fran says Pedroia’s foot isn’t broken, there are more tests to come and at least a couple days of a Dustin-free line-up to contend with.

Beyond that, a weak effort from the Sox, who had the bases loaded three times over the last four innings but couldn’t deliver the killer shot. They were 2-for-11 with runners in scoring position and if you can’t put cleat to enemy balls when you have the chance, well… you deserve the L. The fact that Ramon Ramirez hasn’t been chloroformed and tossed in a sack is also upsetting.

It’s all small potatoes if we lose the Elf for an extended period of time. So here’s hoping John Henry puts those bazillions of dollars to good use, calling up every foot specialist and robotics expert he can find. If we need to go bionic, we do it. No Pedroia, no peace.

Also: Tonight, for those Sox fans in San Francisco, our pals at Fenway West are sponsoring a concert to benefit the Jimmy Fund. Check out the details here.