Nobody is safe from the anti-Sox campaign being waged by Yankee supporters, the Foundation In Favor Of Baby Seal Clubbing, and the Lou Bega Fan Club. The Orange County Register reports that Mickey Mouse is the latest victim:

The statue of a 7½-feet-tall Mickey Mouse dressed in a Boston Red Sox uniform, in front of the Discovery Science Center, was vandalized and has been removed from the museum.

“Mickey was vandalized and has been removed by Major League Baseball for repairs,” Kelly George, spokeswoman for the center, said Tuesday.

Officials with the center noticed that Mickey had been vandalized Friday. The statue was removed Monday.

It appeared that someone had taken whacks with something at one of Mickey’s arms.
“There is a crack in one of the arms and some damage to the baseball Mickey is holding,” said Matt Bourne, a spokesman for Major League Baseball.
Will the madness never end?