So the other day I’m flipping through the Sox pre-game on NESN — something I don’t do as often as I should these days — and I suddenly see this striking brunette on my screen.

My first reaction is, “Why is the chick who played Ben Linus’s daughter on LOST covering the Sox game?” But on closer examination, it turns out to be our own Amalie Benjamin, sans glasses.

It took a while to wrap my brain around the idea, as it was kinda like seeing Jerry Remy without his trademark mustache. And while it’s obvious that Amalie is stunning with or without eye-wear, and even though I appreciate all the advances made in Lasik surgery and contact lenses, I gotta say I prefer her with the glasses.

Call it the “hot librarian” mystique, but I like my sports commentators pretty, bespectacled and straddling that fine line between quiet high school honors student at the back of the class and hot scientist bumping and grinding to “Back That Thing Up” at the local after downing too many lemon drop shots. And, yes, Tom Caron falls into this category.

I like to think that behind those glasses, there exists the soul of a woman who, while nothing but professionalism and seasoned insight on the outside, desires something more on the inside. Something like, maybe, being swept off her feet by a penniless, pale and nerdy blogger and spending lazy Sundays in the shade of a giant willow tree, sifting through the latest issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, quaffing milk and Hostess Cupcakes, and letting her hands linger perhaps just a bit too long on my shoulders as we wonder aloud whatever happened to Chris Snopek.

Simply put, with the glasses, Ms. Benjamin provides the perfectly understated — and in some ways more alluring — counterpoint to Heidi’s in-your-face sensuality. I’m the last person in the world who should be offering fashion advice, but I think the following screencaps only prove the point I’m trying to make: Glasses are pretty f#$king hot.

In the words of Stan Lee, ’nuff said.