Seriously, all this photo is missing is interleague play.

I’m always willing to admit when I’m wrong. The paisley dinner jacket? Bad idea. My spec script for Dwight Evans: Radioactive Commodities Broker (which I swore could be a tentpole franchise for the right studio)? Probably not what the public wanted to see. Trying to stuff myself into an oversized FedEx box addressed to “Amalie Benjamin, Boston Globe”? That one I’m still working out.

But on the subject of interleague play, man, I missed the boat.

I’m still not a fan, mind you. And I can’t even pretend to be excited to watch the Sox take on the Rockies and Giants starting tomorrow night. But after seeing our boys chew up the National Leaguers they’ve faced thus far – including a recent 8-1 tear through the Diamondbacks, Phillies and Dodgers – it’s clear that interleague play has been very, very good to the 2010 Red Sox.

There’s still a long way to go – not to mention six games against Tampa Bay – before we even hit the halfway mark. But if someone told me back in April that by the first day of summer we’d be one game out of first, own the third-best record in all of baseball, Ortiz would be a hittin’ fool and Clay Buchholz would be tied for most wins in the AL, I would have checked you for traces of narcotics.

I believe in baby steps, but I’m happy to see the Sox making like George and Weezie and movin’ on up. Thank you, interleague play, for helping to make this possible.