Manny wasn’t the only former Sox in the house last night; Roger Clemens was strategically positioned in the Monster Seats, drink in hand, listening device in ear and cute brunette at his side. Today, don’t be surprised if you see Mark Bellhorn selling slushies in the Bleachers or Carl Everett working the organ.

On the subject of Manny, though, I was both disappointed and dismayed at the number of boos showered down in his first at-bat. I thought we’d step it up and give the guy some thanks for the two World Series titles he helped secure — titles that never would have happened without him. Also, a rousing cheer would have sent a nice message to the media folks, who spent the better part of last week reminding us that Manny quit on the team, hated Boston, prefers the new Star Wars trilogy to the first one, etc etc.

Anyway, here’s an interesting piece from Alan at Joy of Sox, debunking the whole “faux leg injury” controversy that helped fuel anti-Manny sentiment during his final days in Boston.

It’s on at 4:00 this afternoon. I’ll be cheering Manny from the comfort of the swim-up bar.