High on the “things that suck” list for me is having an off-day after a loss. Today was no exception. A day after a ragtag band of pitchers somehow manufacture a win for the Sox, the cagey veteran himself gives up a four-run inning and suddenly the bats go flat, leaving a sweep on the table. And Red Sox Nation is left to watch Home Improvement reruns all day today until Clay steps on the hill tomorrow night.

For basketball fans, at least we had a Celtics win to talk about at the water cooler today. But I can only hate on Kobe for so long before I start getting itchy for baseball. There is always the PawSox if things get real bad.

It’s the Diamondbacks in for a visit starting tomorrow, a team with nine road wins to their credit. Other than Dan Haren, they don’t have a pitcher with more than three wins. And only Kennedy (who starts tomorrow) and Aaron Heilman (a reliever) have ERA’s under four. Sounds like a party-in-the-making for the Red Sox bats.

BP needs to enlist the services of Kramerica Enterprises…