The worst thing about Darnell McDonald being DFA’d by the Sox to make room for Mike Cameron is that I never got a chance to drop a decent Ronald-Grimace joke concerning D-Mac and Youk. Beyond that, I’ll certainly miss the guy’s flair for the dramatic, and I can’t help thinking we may wish we still had him around come later this summer when Cameron inevitably goes tits-up again.

Meanwhile, Ellsbury and V-Mart are out of tonight’s line-up as the Sox face Small Game James. So if Tek goes down with a curveball to the sac, get ready for… Mike Lowell, Substitute Catcher!

In a sick way, I hope it happens. Tell me you wouldn’t dig the site of Scenic Lowell all geared up, calling pitches and protecting that plate like it was his last plate of pork chops. I’m not sure what his hip surgeon thinks of Mikey staring down a runner charging in from third, but it would make for endlessly entertaining television.

Game starts now. Grab yer beers.

UPDATE: Turns out the Sox decided to DFA Atchison instead of Mac. So the possibility of some Grimace-related humor lives on!