We’ve all seen this a million times: some kid has a few too many watered-down beers at the ballpark and the next thing you know the urge to run around and act like a fool becomes irresistible. And we’ve all heard how sometimes these over-zealous fans might get a little “roughed up” after being dragged off the field by equally over-zealous security. In Philly, they take care of business right out in the open – Taser-style.

While I happen to think people dumb enough to run on the field deserve whatever they get…this is a little disturbing. How many parents have to explain to their young kids why “the policeman shot the guy” at the baseball game?

Whatever…on to tonight’s match-up. Jon Lester, fresh off of his ass-kicking of the Blue Jays last week, takes the hill. The “day after” game of a slugfest always concerns me. Are the bats really awake and the Sox will pick up where they left off? Or did they blow their load and won’t be able to buy a run tonight? We’ll find out together at 7:00, yes?