F%#k April

Is anyone happier to see the calendar flip to May than Josh Beckett? For the second season in a row, Beckett finished April with a bloated 7.22 ERA. Last year, Josh bounced back with a 3-0 record in May with a 2.38 ERA. Combine that with Beckett’s 6-2 career record against the O’s and a respectable 3.70 ERA and you’ve got a recipe for a W today. The alternative is just too horrible to consider.

The extra-inning loss on Friday and yesterday’s dismantling of the 5th and 6th starters was not how we had this series drawn up. Both Tampa and the Yanks lost yesterday and the Sox missed an oppurtunity to pick up a game on them. Sure, we’ll take the bright spots of Drew and Ortiz going deep, but what we really need here is a win. Looking up at the third-place Blue Jays is no way to go through life.

Time to stop screwing around.