Heidi who?

We’ve seen this happen before: The Sox make hay against a couple awesome teams, only to get rolled by a sub-.500 dweller. And tonight, with the Sox on a tear and the NL champion Phillies and Rays eating their dust, the stage is practically set for the lowly Royals to come in and knock us around.

Only… I don’t think so. You see, I believe in the ancient locker room code that dictates “he who ends the streak will be wedgied within an inch of his life.” And with Kevin Millar in the house in his new NESN gig, you can bet that the code will be upheld.

Even Matsuzaka, strange visitor from another land, understands the code. And he fears it. So I’m looking for him to live up to the standard set during his magnificent performance in Philly last weekend, and keep the streak alive.

If not, you can expect a call to the local fire department around 11 o’clock tonight to retrieve a Japanese dude hanging by his boxers off of Pesky’s Pole.