Has the Sox-Yankees rivalry lost its potency, as many people like to claim? Maybe, maybe not. In my mind, 2004 took a lot of the edge off. We put ’em in their place with a beatdown for the record books, and that, as they say, is that.

But after a couple innings and a few beers and the smug mugs of Jeets and A-Rod and Teixeira, I’m wishing nothing but lightning bolts from Papi’s fingers, and a smashing akin to that climactic scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, when the Nazis get it but good.

So, yeah, I may not be putting my fists through walls as much as I used to. But give me a couple hours. And a couple more beers.

We got Commander Kick Ass of the F$%k Yeah Brigade vs. the Pinstripes on a gorgeous night in the Fens. As Ray Kinsella was once asked, is this Heaven?