Did you ever get that feeling that some seemingly routine, almost mundane event might turn out to be something special? A turning point? I kinda get that feeling about tonight. The Dice-K saga has been as boring and disappointing as the Sopranos finale. The fans’ patience is spent and Dice-K’s high-maintenance-trophy-wife behavior has to be taking its toll on the guys signing the checks. Time to fish or get off the pot…or something.

At this point in the season with the Sox showing a little bit of a pulse, the Diceman needs to shrug out of his Teletubby outfit and don the Gyroman cape. The humble, soft-spoken persona isn’t cutting it, Dice-K needs some attitude. Wear a friggin’ kamikaze headband instead of Sox cap and throw one high and tight to Fred Lewis to set the tone. Then just pitch.

It’s time. Like Uncle Rico said, “I mean, we gotta look legit man.”