After taking 5-out-of-6 from the Rays and Phillies, it’s surreal to be sitting here talking about Jon Lester trying to pitch the Sox to s split against the Royals. But here we are. On paper, this game hardly seems worth playing if you’re the Royals. Lester has been dominating in May and the Royals, well, they’re the Royals.

Based on my proven ineptitude at making predictions, I have refrained this season. But I can’t hold it in any longer: this game will be a blow-out. The Royals will be echoing the childhood cry of “these teams are smuck!” If there was a mercy rule in the MLB, it would be invoked today. Lester gets the win, the bats tee off against Chen, and Red Sox Nation enjoys Memorial Day lying in wait for Oakland to come to town.

Bring it.