World's coolest butcher. Next to Sam.

Last weekend, I mocked Daisuke and Wakefield prior to their respective showdowns with the Phillies. In response, they turned in great performances.

Yesterday, I took a different approach, proudly declaring that Buchholz would not let us down. Always a risky move, but Young Clay came through, shutting down the hottest team in baseball.

So, obviously responsible for the team’s three game win streak, I find myself faced with a dilemma.

Tonight, we’ve got Jon Lester versus Small Game James. So which approach do I take? Even though the Sox have the hot hand, with Youk and Ortiz going ballistic almost every time they step to the plate and the team having crawled from obscurity to contender in little less than one week, I’m hesitant to tempt the fates again by calling for the W. Nor do I want to jinx the guys by predicting an embarassing rout by Tampa Bay. So I’ll just say, “Damn, Ernest Borgnine was a handsome chap back in his day.” And, hopefully, that’ll be enough.

Who’s feeling it? Cuz I am.