Ever since Curtis Leskanic left us, I’ve been longing for another player to come along with that positively unhinged look about him. Not the “beer drinkin’ good time hillbilly” image that Youk presents, but something creepier. Like Silence of the Lambs, “Can you ladies help me with this sofa” creepy.

After Sunday night’s game, I think I’ve found our 2010 candidate: Scott Schoeneweis. Looking something like a deranged woodsman or a bassist for Foo Fighters, The Schoe projects an absolutely terrifying vibe with that seemingly glued-on beard. So much so that when I first caught a glimpse of him in the dugout, I was convinced he was a homeless guy being honored by the Red Sox Foundation or some other charitable organization seeking to rehabilitate him.

Yep, that dirty beard is what clinches it, and I can only hope that Mr. Schoeneweis plans to remain insanely ill-groomed for the balance of 2010. This could be an important edge, people.