I know Red already posted about last night’s opener, but now that I’ve sobered up and had time to think about, I need to bore you all with my view.

The evening began with a pair of F16’s flying over Fenway. Hopefully this looked a lot better live than it did on television. All I saw were a couple of lights moving across a background of a bunch of other lights.

The introductions were going fine until Bill Hall almost face-planted stumbling on the dugout steps.

I liked Keri Hilson’s singing of the Anthem. Very tasteful rendition and the performance was by fireworks – nothing over-the-top, nicely done.

Pedro Martinez coming out to throw the first pitch was brilliant. Great intro by DO quoting Pedro’s “wake up the damn Bambino” rant. The walk from the Green Monster to home plate was magic, especially the “salute” between him and Ortiz. Keep in mind I have been a Pedro fanatic since his first game in a Red Sox unifom, so bringing him back might not be for everyone.

Then, things got a little weird. I have no explanation for how 5-year-old Joshua Sacco parroting the Herb Brooks “Miracle” speech fits into the pre-game ceremony. Bizarre and unnecessary. Bringing in a Jimmy Fund kid would have been a nice tie-in and more inspirational.

Steven Tyler screaming “God Bless America” and trying to tongue his own daughter following the performance? Yeah, I could have done without that.

Here’s where I’m sure to be skewered in the comments section: It’s time to put “Sweet Caroline” out to pasture. OK, it’s a fun sing-along for the drunks, but let’s be honest – it has nothing to do with baseball or the Red Sox or Boston. Carting Neil Diamond out there to croak his way through it was just not good.

A few other things:

The DO/John Lackey commercial that aired 372 times last nights needs to go.

I don’t know why, but every time Johnny Pesky is introduced, it gets me. He is like everyone’s grandfather.

Jim Rice’s Craig Sager-like outfit was damn-near seizure-inducing.

Oh, and there was a helluva game played. More rivalry tonight.