These early-season baseball games always play hell with my emotions. If I bitch too much after a Week One loss to the Royals, speak aloud my concerns for the bullpen’s inability to hold leads or Papi’s early returns, folks just point to the calendar, offer a sarcastic, “Yeah, at 1-3 we’ll never make October,” and then fetch me my Egg McMuffin.

On the other hand, if I just shrug it off, I feel like I’ll never forgive myself if we end up two or three games short of the finish line.

But considering that the 2007 crew — not a bad team, that — started 2-3 out of the gate, I’ll just say that my biggest disappointment was seeing Timmeh denied the victory. After our big guns came up winless in their first starts, it would have been nice for Wake (my dark horse candidate for 2010 hero) to break the trend — and become the oldest Sox starter to get a win.

Should be a good one tonight, with Commander Kick Ass against Zack Greinke. I’ll be the drunk guy.