I’ve never been to a concert at Fenway Park, unless you count that time during a 2001 rain delay in which Dante Bichette and Morgan Burkhart strapped on the electric guitars and tore through some Foghat classics.

But one band I’d love to see play the holiest of cathedrals is U2. I know it’s been rumored for some time, but all the stars seem to be aligning for July 2010.

If you check the itinerary for U2’s 2010 summer tour, their last scheduled US date is at New York’s Meadowlands on July 19. From there, the band has a couple weeks of downtime until an August 6 show in Italy. Conveniently, the Sox are on the road from July 19 through July 29, meaning the owners will be looking at a big ol’ empty park, devoid of wallet-carrying people, for a whole ten-day stretch.

See where I’m going with this? I can’t imagine any leg of a U2 tour these days not touching down somewhere in Massachusetts. And while the guys could easily sell out Gillette or the Garden, five nights at Fenway would be the type of big ticket, no-other-band-has-done-this thing Bono and the guys love to pull off.

All I know is that if this happens, Denton and I will work every connection we don’t have to try to secure a magnificent vantage point for all of our readers. It may be in the Park, it may be outside. But the event will most definitely be “pants optional.”