Not that mayor, or that cup, actually.

The Sox beat the Twins 11-5 to clinch the spring series. This is big: right up there with having perfect attendance in first grade or finding a five-dollar bill in your jacket pocket.

Clay Buchholz started out shaky but settled down before too much damage was done. He went 4.2, giving up four runs on five hits. He struck out seven, walked none and retired the last ten batters he faced.

The middle of the order dominated the offense. Pedroia, Martinez and Youk were a combined 11-for-13 and Papi chipped in with a 3-run homer. Not to be outdone, Tug Hulett added a pinch hit, 3-run bomb of his own.

One week from right now I’ll be shaking off the cobwebs of a post-Easter dinner nap, losing my pants, and settling in for another season.