So the Remdawg is opening his own restaurant right around the corner from Fenway. As I’ve said before, I’m totally down with this. Any excuse I get to inject a little more Remy into my life is a good, good thing.

But now I read that the Dawg’s eatery will be offering $500 “season tickets” that will enable holders to cut long lines, snag reserved seating, get a free beer and enjoy other perks, one of which I’m hoping includes “Sharing an onion ring plate with Heidi Watney night.”

Don Bailey, general manager and the guy who gave birth to the season-pass idea, said the restaurant is hoping to sell up to 300 passes. To win over fans, Remy’s has billed itself as an extension of Fenway Park, with a similar facade, exposed pillars, and waiters dressed in uniforms.

“This $500 season-ticket package can deliver an experience as close to an actual season ticketholder as possible, at a fraction of the price,’’ Bailey said.

Some folks may gripe that this is just another chance for The Jerry Remy Machine to separate us fans from our precious dollars, but I’m a capitalist at heart, so I’m down. My only concern is the price tag; I can barely rub two dimes together, and unless the ghost of Teddy Ballgame decides to slip five hundred clams under my pillow, I won’t have the spare dough anytime soon.

But perhaps, gentle readers, between the lot of us, we can make this happen. Pitching in five or ten or maybe even twenty bucks? I can handle that. All I need is a few like-minded types to join forces — and dollars — with me. We can sort out all the details later, like who gets the pass on what nights. I just call dibs on anything having to do with Heidi and/or onion rings.

Who’s with me?