Watching the Sox’ lead against Houston slowly slip away as easily as the ice cold beers I keep cracking open. I’ve got the couch and TV outside, the cooler close at hand, and the “to do” list stuffed neatly in the trash bin. The game is really just background noise at this point, as is the news that Alan Embree is back, signed to a minor league deal with the possibility of stepping to the big club.

All thing considered, I kinda liked my last memories of Embree, jumping off the mound after the Sox secured the 2004 ALCS and chewing cigars during the victory parade. I don’t want to muddy that up by seeing him cough up a lead to the Rangers in late August.

On the other hand, if Embree makes the club and becomes a key contributor, it can only spell good things for his 2004 classmates. I’m sure Mark Bellhorn and Curt Leskanic are looking for something to keep them out of trouble.