Ruth may have been credited with building it, but it’s the wrecking ball taking it down. The demolition of “old” Yankee Stadium is underway. At first, it seemed like a non-story to me: a bunch of Bud-drinking Yankee fans named Joey and Big Lou wearing their wife-beaters and cat-calling mildly attractive women as they do their job with a tear in their eye. But then I thought…what if it was Fenway?

I have been a long-time member of the Save Fenway club. I get the whole “seats are uncomfortable” thing and the fact that a new, modern stadium would be pretty cool…but it’s Fenway F’ing Park. The faithful have been gathering there to worship the home team for almost 100 years! I just can’t imagine stepping into any other place to watch a Red Sox home game. Even if they had robotic Teddy Ballgames serving ice-cold beer and Rachel McAdams giving seventh-inning stretch lapdances…I’d rather have Fenway.

Can you even imagine a wrecking crew tearing down the Green Monster? The Pesky Pole toppling to the ground? Never.