My attitude has always been that if you’re gonna get drunk anyway, you might as well try to help people out while you’re doing it. Thanks to the good folks at Charity Wines, you can. They’ve just added a couple new items to their line of Red Sox-themed wines, including Commander Kick Ass’ Chardon-K and ZinfandEllsbury. Never mind the fact that I can’t even imagine Josh Beckett drinking wine unless it was the only alcohol available and he sucked it out of the gas tank of a ’67 Mustang that he just happened to be driving at the same time. Or unless the ingredients on the bottle listed “50% wine, 40% whiskey, 10% hellfire.” It’s for a good cause.

No word on when Daisuke Matsuzaka’s “I Shall Avenge My 2009 Performance… Just As Soon As I Sit Down and Rest My Back For A While” Malt Liquor will be available, but I gotta believe it’s coming soon.