Fenway Park. Boston, Mass. Home of The Green Monster, Sweet Caroline and Dirty Water. Traditions. Just because this anti-Semite neanderthal got his sorry ass kicked out of New York, let’s not even consider the possibility of ever having him perform at a Sox game.

According to The New York Times, Tynan is making the move “for a change,” and because he had family and friends in Boston.

That may be so, but after losing his gig as Yankees singer due to what he calls a “misconstrued” statement, Tynan admits living in New York has been hard according to the Times: “the barrage of angry e-mail messages and letters; the death threats; the surgeon who wrote saying he would let him die on the operating table, if Mr. Tynan were his patient; the prominent chef who steered him away from a table of customers because one of them was a Jewish man who refused to meet the singer.”

Sounds like a lovable SOB, doesn’t he? But this is the line that caused a little vomit to sneak up my throat:

Could Tynan make an appearance at Fenway Park to sing “God Bless America,” and tweak the Yankees? Tynan says that he has had no contact with Red Sox officials to date, but it would certainly fuel the fire that is the Boston-New York rivalry if it came to pass.

This cannot, I repeat, CANNOT happen. Tweak the Yankees? The mere thought should “tweak” every self-respecting Red Sox fan into the immediate construction of an anti-Ronan ray gun to remain aimed at Fenway for every home game.

No Tynan. Please.