If the Red Sox take leave of their senses and let Josh Beckett slip out the door at the end of the 2010 season, I’ll be petitioning NESN to continue to follow his exploits wherever he lands. Because I don’t think anyone this side of Dustin Pedroia gives a more entertaining interview.

For example, in yesterday’s Herald, the former “snarlin’ Marlin” waxed rhapsodic about contract negotiations and the importance of being “set for life,” cash-wise, so he can stay focused on his game.

“I was tickled because I’m going to put enough money away, I know what it costs me to live each year. And I’m going to put enough money away right now when I’m 27 years old until I’m 29, to never worry about anything again. That’s a good feeling. Just go out there and pitch and give what you got.”

The best part, however, comes at the end, where Beckett basically puts his future offspring on notice, telling them he ain’t nobody’s free ride:

“I can live off [my money] for the rest of my life. It’s not going to be a problem. I’ll have some left over. I’m going to be buried with it, because I’m not going to leave my kids with a whole lot where they can be spoiled [expletive] kids.”

That’s why we call him Commander Kick Ass of the F$%# Yeah Brigade, people.

* * * * * * * *

Lastly, happy birthday shout-out to Kelly of sittingstill.net, where you can find some of the finest Red Sox photos ever taken. Kelly was the first person to show up at a book signing Denton and I did a couple years back. We’re just returnin’ the love.