I came across dad’s well-worn copy of the Boston Herald from October 16, 1986. The day after the Sox won game seven of the ALCS against the Angels (Fun fact: Know who sung the National Anthem before game seven at Fenway? None other than Newton’s own Suzyn Waldman!)

I sat down with it over a steak and some beers, poring through the articles and interviews. Good stuff throughout. Until I came to this story on Donnie Moore, who gave up the famous game five home run to Dave Henderson that essentially sealed the Angels’ fate:

Of course, it was less than three years after that series that Moore took his own life in one of the more senseless tragedies to befall a professional sports figure. I read about halfway through the piece, then stopped, folded up the paper, finished up the beers, and contemplated happier things.

Like the return of baseball. In just a few days.