It wouldn’t be spring training without at least a couple players talking contract extension. Recently, Victor Martinez jumped into the mix, professing his desire to finish out his career in Boston, lest anyone worry about his eagerness to sign a long-term contract before the season kicks in:

“I don’t want to be jumping around, I don’t want to go somewhere else. First, I didn’t want to go out of the Indians organization. Then I’m out, and now I’m here. I came to the place where a lot of players dream to come and a lot of players wish to play here in Boston. So I’m here, I do really want to stay here and hopefully end my career in Boston.

As soon as the season starts, I don’t want to be talking about numbers or be talking about something that can distract me from the game and distract my teammates. That’s the last thing I want with this great team they’ve put together. Maybe, who knows, they come to me in spring training with something.”

Even the Great Orsillo chimed in with his own thoughts on the matter on NESN:

In today’s Herald, Theo offers his own two cents, towing the company line:

“It’s always nice when players want to be here. We’ve got talented guys on this team that we’d like to keep around. We’ll see what happens. With both [Martinez] and Josh, we’ll stick to a policy on not commenting. The more clubs talk about potential deals for free agents, the less likely they are to get done.”

Indeed. In fact, I’m gonna leave anything pertaining to 2011 and beyond in Theo’s capable hands. Right now, my focus is on Opening Day 2010. And that’s where it’s gonna stay.