If not for A-Rod, Mrs. Teixeira would be the most hated Yankee in 2010. Since jerking the Red Sox around during his free agency when he knew all along his wife wouldn’t let him come to Boston, Teixeira has consistently found new ways to annoy me. His pseudo-prediction that the Yankees were poised to repeat makes me want to grab a 9-iron and go Elin on his ass.

“Once you taste that victory, you realize it’s everything you’ve ever hoped for,” Teixeira said.

I think Texi is the kind of person that “gets everything he ever hoped for” when he cashes his paycheck. How do the Yankees manage to field a team of money-grubbing, hateable douchebags every year? I really can’t picture a Mike Lowell or a Timmy Wakefield or David Ortiz wearing the pinstripes. Just like I can’t see A-Rod or Texi fitting in here in Boston.

February is winding down, getting ready to welcome March, and that means we’re getting close. Amen.