Jerry Remy Incorporated, which has grown from a modest website selling T-shirts into a full-blown empire consisting of jet planes, robot dance squads and designer produce, is about to expand even further. This week, the Dawg unveiled a new bar and grill which will be launched in the space on Boylston that formerly housed BCN’s studios.

Denton and I were invited to a special tour of the place held Thursday, but were unable to attend. I blame Denton’s parole officer, who keeps a pretty tight leash on the guy. But the bottom line is, I don’t need to check the digs out to know if I like them. In Remy, I trust.

Does the city need another bar and grill? If it’s got Remy’s name on it, I say f#$k yes. And, honestly, I hope this sparks a bit of competition from other former Sox second-basemen, who could probably use the coin. Why can’t we have Marty Barrett’s Strip Club and Laundromat just a few doors down? Is Denny Doyle’s Gentleman’s Parlor something I can only dream about? When does Jose Offerman get his concept for a pancake house/krav maga training school off the ground? And does anyone really need me to list the many ways that The Jeff Frye Free Love Institute would benefit this city?

According to a piece in the Herald, Remy’s place will offer “25 high-def TVs, including two 6.5-by-11-foot sets above the center of the 44-seat mahogany bar and three 24-inch sets in the restrooms for sports fanatics who don’t want to miss any of the action.” Throw in a Heidi Watney look-alike contest as a means of identifying the future wait staff, and you’ve got my new favorite place to watch the game.

That is, until the inevitable, embarrassing day I get shut off, kicked out and blacklisted forever, most likely for making obscene references to Eck’s moustache. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.