Now that the Superbowl is over, there is one less distraction to keep us from our beloved game. I believe a certain truck heads south on I-95 this Friday to “officially” kick off baseball season…at least for us fanatics. So let’s have the final word, at least on this site, on football.

The Game: The game was OK as far as entertainment goes. There were two big plays: the on-side kick and the interception returned for a touchdown to effectively seal the win. But I was expecting a lot of big plays from both offenses, but it just didn’t happen.

The Outcome: I love the way it played out. Not because I’m a Colts-hater, but the fact that they threw away “the perfect season” for what they thought would be an automatic Superbowl win…feels like justice. Now the Pats can’t be criticized for running out of gas in 2007 chasing the perfect season. And it keeps Brady miles ahead in the Manning vs. Brady debate.

Halftime: I have to admit; this was a shocker. I thought The Who put on one of the best halftime shows I can remember. The song selection was perfect, they kept the screaming “fans” away from the stage, and for a couple of 65-year-old guys: they rocked.

The Commercials: Probably the biggest disappointment. A couple of winners from the Doritos team and I love the e-Trade baby, but not much else to speak of. Coke and Bud spent a lot of advertising money for some really crappy commercials. I did like the Letterman/Leno spot…props for that. But too many guys running around pantless and too many “Me a guy, me like big trucks and fast cars” spots for me.

Truck Day is Friday…