We don’t offer a lot of literary critique around here (unless we’re pimping our own book, of course), but this is a must read. I can’t believe it hasn’t been made into a movie yet. It is the true story of the killing of Officer Bruce McKay by Liko Kenney at a traffic stop, and Kenny’s murder at the hands of passer-by Greg Floyd. As you read the history between Kenney and McKay, it is hard to believe nobody saw this ending coming.

A lot of the story can be found on YouTube, courtesy of the dashboard cam on McKay’s police vehicle – just search for any of the names mentioned above. Truly fascinating (though pretty grisly) stuff right in our own backyard. The area is still in turmoil almost three years later, debating the merits of the three men involved and how the aftermath was handled.

Check it out…or wait for the movie that has to be in the works.