Great, great piece in the Globe about Mike Cameron talkin’ ragtime on a wide range of subjects, from Manny to “borrowing” the centerfield spot from Jacoby.

But the best soundbyte comes when Cameron discusses why he chose number 23:

“I’ll tell you the story, Mikey Lowell wears 25, so I couldn’t take that because he’s been here forever,” Cameron said. “I didn’t want to wear 44 (Jason Bay’s number with the Sox last year) because that’s kind of a touchy situation. I was like, ‘I don’t want to wear that.’ And then 24 is semi-retired, because of Manny (Ramirez), and Dewey Evans, so I said I’m going back to my minor league number. But Tito told me if you wear No. 23, make sure you don’t miss the first ball because [the crowd] will go ‘LUUUGO!’ It’s crazy… I mean it always works out.”

Somewhere, Lugo is laughing. And filthy rich.