No, JD Drew isn’t considering making half-court shots for the Globetrotters…he’s got his heart set on doing God’s work.

If he does decide to call it quits, Drew says he wants to travel and perform missionary work.

That’s great. I have a better idea, instead of waxing poetic about saving the world, how about get that shoulder working and get on the field? It’s no secret around here, I’m not a huge Drew fan. If he were making about seven million bucks, he’s be fine. But his .280 average and sixty-something RBI make the fourteen million dollar paycheck tough to swallow.

Seriously, everyone else in the clubhouse is talking about getting in shape, the upcoming season, how hot John Henry’s wife is…and he’s thinking about building mud huts in some third-world country (or Alabama) and teaching creative writing to future Colombian drug-lords. So, yeah, I’m not OK with it.

I’m putting the over-under on games played for Drew at 125…slightly north of his career average since becoming a full time player. Lay your bets…