I gotta say that one of the players I’m most intrigued by this season is Bill Hall.

Among the Marcos, Boofs and Tugs his name may not seem so exotic. And even though he hit 35 home runs for the Brewers in 2006 — the same number Manny Ramirez hit that year — he’s here primarily for his versatility, having played every outfield position as well as short and third. Why, they’ve even dubbed him a “super utilityman.”

Perhaps more importantly, he seems like a pretty cool, easy going guy–just the type you like to populate your clubhouse with. Of course, Rocco Baldelli was a nice guy, too, but every time he stepped to the plate for us, I wanted to stab myself in the balls. Watching this interview with Heidi, however, Hall’s gregarious tone reminds me of another utility guy we picked up back in 2004, who ended up making a more memorable contribution than some of his higher-profile teammates.

We’ll let Ms. Watney take it from here.